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The Wonderful 101:

Saving the world from alien scum

With super-powered



The Deadly Unite Morph

Only the strongest and fastest can stop the alien invasion! CENTINELS' heroes, The Wonderful 100, bond with Wonder-Energy, uniting individuals with unique powers and combining into huge weapons. These Unite Morphs are achieved by quickly drawing symbols* through the Wonder-Liner, which calls all available heroes to action.

Meet the wonderful ones

* Draw a Unite Morph symbol on the Wii U GamePad, or use the Right Control Stick.


Gather Allies for
Greater Impact

Wonderful Ones from around the world, called upon to defend the Earth, find everyday heroes in unexpected places. With Wonder-Energy, even ordinary citizens may join the fight, adding their power to make Unite Morphs even stronger.


Epic Enemies.
Epic Battle.

Mighty alien commanders are eager for the chance to decimate the Wonderful 100. Take them down—your success depends on your courage in the face of enemies that are determined to challenge you every step of the way!


When GEATHJERK stops you in your tracks, break out the ultimate muscle—your mind—and use the special Wii U GamePad view as the key to solving tricky problems.


Clever Tools for
Tricky Situations

Unite Morphs aren't just for busting up a robotic alien menace—they play a huge role in the field, helping you reach new areas and access special items.

Get a closer look... Wii U GamePad Secrets and Solutions

Battle-Hardened Veterans

The Wonderful 100 gain strength from combat, developing with every mission they complete.
Skills and abilities improve, maximum health increases, and your heroes get access to more Unite Morphs and CENTINEL-Suit enhancements—Custom Blocks.

Wonderful Mart—Your One-Stop Hero Shop!

Pick up special unique Unite Morphs from the Wonderful Mart, like Unite Guts, Unite Drill Spring, and Unite Ball.

But wait, there's more! Add unique functions to your CENTINEL-Suit with Custom Blocks, including counter-attacks, mines, and other awesome power-ups.

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